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Lifegear Inversion Table Parts.

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I need a part to my Lifegear inversion table?


If you happen to be a lifegear inversion table owner, then you are probably NOT going to find parts, as this company stopped doing business in the USA many years ago and left all the customers without access to parts. If anyone tries to sell you a lifegear table ... JUST SAY NO ! They still have a website and will sell you and entire container of inversion tables, but will NOT sell you any parts. Trust us, we've tried contacting them hundreds of times only to get no response.

Their website is

 If you'd like to give them a piece of your mind. Their     

Remind them in your email that has emailed many times willing to handle lifegear parts to US owners, but Lifegear never responds.

We have a small amount of generic parts made for inversion tables.  To see these parts, go to:

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