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Viewing the Online Rental Application Invite History

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Where can I view a record of the invites emails I have sent my applicants?


You can view a list of all the invite emails you have sent to your applicants for the past 30 days and check the status of the invite.  To do so go to the "Order Background Screening" tab and click the blue link that says "Invite History."  Hold your mouse over the "i" icon in the top left corner to see the details of the invite.  


All invites links expire after 48 hours of inactivity. After an invite expires you can easily resend if needed by clicking the "Resend" button.  If you ever need to cancel an invite you can do so by clicking the "delete" button.  When your applicant completes their online rental application the invite status will show as "complete" and you can view their reports in the status tab of your account.




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