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Update Employee Information in SwipeClock

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How do I update my employee in SwipeClock?


What steps do I take to update my employees information SwipeClock TimeClock system?

  1. Log into your account via the following link:
  2. Enter your Login ID and Password

SwipeClock Login

  1. Select “Employee Setup” from the left pane.

Update a Single Employee

To update a single employee, the following steps will allow you to make specific changes to an employee from their name to their supervisor.

  1. Click on the employees name

  1. There are 3 Sections that can be updated
    • Indentity
    • Identifiers for punching clock
    • Employee data
  2. Click Edit next to each section to update information

  1. After making your changes you have 3 options
    • Save and Exit, to return to the Employee Setup Screen with changes saved
    • Save and Remain, to remain on the current screen with changes saved
    • Cancel, to undo your changes

Update Multiple Employees

If you need to update multiple employees with the same information the following steps will guide you to update two or more employees at once. Note, thate there are fewer fields that can be updated when working with multiple employees.

  1. To update multiple employees
    • Place a check mark next to the employees name
    • Click Employee Setup Options
    • Click Work with Selected Employees

From here you can update any of the fields, a check mark will be placed next to each field to indicate a change. Once you have updated each desired fiedl simply click save, which will then return you to the Employee Setup Screen with the changes saved to each employee.

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