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Password protecting a document

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How do I secure a document which has sensitive data with a password?

Note: This article is for Remote users. For non remote users, contact your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR) for assistance in having physical copies of documents resent.

Before emailing a copy of any report or check stub that you have generated in Evolution payroll, the document needs to be password protected. This is to protect the safety of your business and employees. You can do this in Evolution payroll before saving the document.

Adding a password to the document

  1. While in your Evo queue, click on the key icon located on the toolbar just above the displayed document.


  1. Select the One password option and enter the desired password. If this is a check stub, we generally use the employee's social security number with no dashes or spaces. If this is a report you would like to send to your accountant or elsewhere, you can generally use your company's FEIN number with no dashes or spaces. Otherwise, any password you like can be chosen.

  1. You will then need to enter the password one more time
  2. Click OK

  1. Click on the save icon located on the toolbar just above the displayed document to save the document and password

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