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Reprinting Employee Check Stubs

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How can I re-generate an employee's check stub in Evolution payroll?

Note: This article is for Remote users. For non remote users, contact your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR) for assistance.

To reprint or resend employee check stubs, run the check stub detail report using Evolution payroll.

To run the check stub detail report

  1. Open Evolution
  2. Click on the "reports" tab and select Run Reports

  1. Select your company name on the left side menu
  2. On the right side menu, select the report called "Check Stub Detail S2590"

  1.  Click on the "report parameters" tab up at the top of the screen underneath where it displays the company name

  1. In this tab, select the check date(s) you are looking for. You can also select multiple check dates by utilizing the search filters in the "Date period" area by year, quarter, or date range options.

  1. Click on the "employee filter" tab located within the "report parameters" tab. Select the Employee whose check stub(s) you would like to view.
  2. Before running the report, select  "Run through the Queue" and select "Preview" in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

  1. Click on the "Run report(s)" button shown above in the upper right hand corner of your screen. The report will now run through your Evo Queue.
  2. To view your Evo Queue, click on the "View" button in the bottom left hand corner of your Evo screen as shown below.

  1. View the check stub to make sure this is the information you were looking for. You can add a password and save the document as a PDF file, or you can print a physical copy.

Adding a password to the document

If you plan to send this check stub digitally via email, adding a password is a must for security purposes. This must be done before saving the file. To learn how to password protect a file, please Click here.

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