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Reporting Payroll

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How can I report or enter my payroll?


We have many different ways payroll can be reported currently. This offers flexibility in ease of use, accuracy and security to fit the needs of each business.

To report payroll to your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR)

Time clock import - Time clocks / time sheets provide accuracy and ease of use as employees handle reporting their time to their managers for approval. We have options for time clocks that might fit your needs. We can also work with some other types of time clocks / time sheets. Contact your CXR to see if an existing time keeping system can be used to import your payroll.

E-Sheets import - An accurate way of reporting time through email. The E-Sheet is provided by your CXR with your current employees, rates, and fields for entering hours worked and any additional pay. These can be customized to the types of pay your business uses specifically. The E-Sheet is imported when running payroll for an accurate payroll.

Fax - An easy way to report payroll. We provide a new Input Worksheet with each payroll run that provides your employees and pay types in a grid format for easy time gathering and reporting. Faxing provides a physical copy of your payroll for backup / checking and is a secure form of communication.

Phone - The personal touch. You can either call in your payroll when ready to process at your convenience, or you can schedule a call out time to match your own schedule. This allows you to call out special circumstances, confirm information or ask questions while completing payroll for the reporting period.

Email - Email makes sending payroll information convenient and fast. Send in hours or employee changes  to complete payroll processing for the specified reporting period.

To have control and enter time personally

Remote - We can provide a copy of the actual payroll entry software to allow you the convenience, accuracy and security of entering payroll directly into the system for processing. Your CXR is always available to assist with the entry or to complete complicated tasks as well. It is the best of both worlds, the support of your CXR and the knowledge that payroll was entered exactly the way you wanted.

Web - Same as remote, but with the added flexibility available with the world wide web. Compatible with the major browsers, entry is just as secure as remote. However, it is available on any machine, through a secure login allowing you to enter payroll from anywhere.

Want to change methods? Contact your CXR and we can discuss the best options for you!

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