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How to e-mail forms to my taxpayer

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How do I email forms to my taxpayer from desktop software?


**These instructions are used if you have setup your e-mail configuration from the Setup Tab > Misc Settings > E-mail Settings. If you need assistance setting up your e-mail configuration, see article ID 68358 Titled "How to setup email configuration in desktop software".

  1. Navigate to the taxpayers Client Manager by using the Client Manger Tab > Manage My Returns
  2. Search to find the taxpayer and double click to access their manager.
  3. Click the "VIEW/PRINT" icon on the top left section.
  4. On the top right, choose the copy type you will be e-mailing. (Customer Copy, Filing Copy, Preparer Copy)
  5. Ensure the needed forms have a check box indication to be included in the e-mail.
  6. Click the "E-MAIL COPY" link on the bottom of this window. (The copy type will be indicated with the link. If choosing to e-mail a customer copy, the link will read "E-mail Customer Copy".)
  7. A Pop up window will display to either verify the e-mail address for which this will be sent, or will prompt you to enter the e-mail address you will be sending the forms to.
  8. Make the indication and choose to "Send E-mail".

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