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How to Setup E-mail Configuration in Desktop Software

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How do I setup my email configuration in the Desktop Software?




Navigate to the "SETUP" Tab and select MISC SETTINGS > Email Configuration.

Indicate your E-mail Mode; Microsoft Outlook, Windows LIVE Mail, or Manual Configuration (Any other e-mail service provider).

Check the box to password protect the e-mails being sent to the taxpayer. (Password instructions are sent in the e-mail and are based on primary taxpayer personal data.)

If Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail, you do not need to manually enter the configuration details, the software will read it from your computer.

If you are using another e-mail service provider, enter your e-mail address, your e-mail password, the SMTP Server name and the port.

Most common email service provider information:

  • Gmail - SMTP = and PORT = 587
  • Yahoo - SMTP = and PORT = 587
  • Hotmail - SMTP = and PORT = 25

Select if you are viewing/editing email content for an Individual tax return or a Business tax return.

Indicate on the bottom center of the screen if you will view/edit e-mail content based on the copy type (Preparer Copy, Customer Copy, Filing Copy).

Click "View/Modify Email Content" to verify the wording based on the copy type. You can make any needed changes here.

Choose "Save Configuration" when complete.


For steps on sending the customer email, please see article "How to e-mail forms to my taxpayer"


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