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How do I print a refund check?

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How do I print a refund check?


After receiving acknowledgment from the IRS, and the approved bank partner that a tax return has been accepted and approved for a refund check you will receive an authorization in the check printing software to print that check. 

From the check printing software go to the authorized checks tab and select the checks that you want to print.  Make sure the information you want to print on the checks is correct.  After the check prints, look at the checks and verify that the information is printed correctly such as the spelling of the name, the check number, and the check amount. 

If it did not print correctly you will be able to click on the printed checks tab, double click on the check that misprinted and select void this print.  Input the reason and select yes if you still have the check.  The authorization will now show up on your authorized list to reprint.  If the check is not in your possession, you will have to call your bank partner to stop the check and get authorization to reissue.

Through our software, all check printing instructions are available in the Check Print Manual which can be located in the Support Tab.

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