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Montana Alternative Energy Production Credit

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Montana Alternative Energy Production Credit


Line 14 – Alternative Energy Production Credit

You can claim a credit against your income tax liability for an investment of $5,000 or more that your business makes in depreciable property for the use of a commercial system or a net metering system that is located in Montana and that generates energy by means of an alternative renewable energy source.

The amount of your credit is limited to 35% of the eligible cost associated with the purchasing, installing and upgrading of the alternative energy system. Your credit is further limited in that it can only be applied against the tax liability due as a consequence of the alternative energy system generating taxable or net income. Your credit cannot exceed that portion of your tax liability that results from taxable or net income generated as a result of the system. Your unused credit can be carried forward and applied to future income tax liabilities for a period of seven years. An exception to the seven-year carryforward period applies when your investment is located within the exterior boundaries of a Montana Indian reservation.

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