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Virginia State Other Subtractions

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Virginia State Other Subtractions


Other Subtractions include:

  • Income from Virginia Obligations
  • Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit Wages
  • Tier 2 and Other Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Benefits
  • Virginia Lottery Prizes
  • Virginia National Guard Income
  • Military Pay and Allowances Attributable to Active Duty Service in a Combat Zone or a Qualified Hazardous Duty Area
  • Retirement Plan Income Previously Taxed by Another State
  • Virginia College Savings Plan Income Distribution or Refund
  • Unemployment Compensation Benefits
  • Military Basic Pay
  • Federal and State Employees
  • Income Received by Holocaust Victims
  • Payments Made under the Tobacco Settlement
  • Gain on the Sale of Land for Open Space Use
  • Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Military Death Gratuity Payments
  • Certain Death Benefit Payments
  • Gains from Land Preservation
  • Long-Term Capital Gain
  • Historic Rehabilitation
  • First-Time Home Buyer Savings Accounts
  • Other

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