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Amortization - Description of Costs

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Amortization - Description of Costs


Describe the costs you are amortizing. You may amortize the following:

  • Geological and geophysical expenditures (section 167(h))
  • Pollution control facilities (section 169)
  • Certain bond premiums (section 171)
  • Research and experimental expenditures (section 174)
  • The cost of acquiring a lease (section 178)
  • Qualified forestation and reforestation costs (section 194)
  • Qualified revitalization expenditures (section 1400I)
  • Optional write-off of certain tax preferences over the period specified in section 59(e).

Certain section 197 intangibles, including:

  1. Goodwill
  2. Going concern value
  3. Workforce in place
  4. Business books and records, operating systems, or any other information base
  5. A patent, copyright, formula, process, design, pattern, know-how, format, or similar item
  6. A customer-based intangible (e.g., composition of market or market share)
  7. A supplier-based intangible
  8. A license, permit, or other right granted by a governmental unit
  9. A covenant not to compete entered into in connection with the acquisition of a business
  10. Any franchise, trademark, or trade name.
  • Start-up and organizational costs
  • Creative property costs.

For more information see Form 4562 Instructions

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