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Depreciation and Other Information - Evidence

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Disallowed Deduction, Uniform Capitalization, Employer Provided Vehicles


Disallowed Deduction

The carryover of disallowed deduction from 2013 is the amount of section 179 property, if any, you elected to expense in previous years that was not allowed as a deduction because of the business income limitation. If you filed Form 4562 for 2013, enter the amount from line 13 of your 2013 Form 4562.


Uniform Capitalization

If you are subject to the uniform capitalization rules of section 263A, enter the increase in basis from costs you must capitalize. For a detailed discussion of who is subject to these rules, which costs must be capitalized, and allocation of costs among activities, see Regulations section 1.263A-1.


Employer Provided Vehicles

Employers providing vehicles to their employees satisfy the employer's substantiation requirements under section 274(d) by maintaining a written policy statement that:

  • Prohibits personal use including commuting or
  • Prohibits personal use except for commuting.

Form 4562 Instructions

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