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Colorado Other Enterprise Zone Credits

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What Are The Tax Incentives/Credits Available In The Enterprise Zones?


What Are The Tax Incentives/Credits Available In The Enterprise Zones?

Use this comprehensive form to calculate enterprise zone credits earned this tax year and to report any carryforward amounts from previous years (or any applicable carry back amounts). Any taxpayer who claims an enterprise zone credit is statutorily required to file their returns electronically (§39-30-111, C.R.S.) and most software products and tax preparers have the ability to meet this requirement. Revenue Online can also be used to file your return and attachments electronically. If you are unable to file electronically, attach this DR 1366 schedule and any supporting documentation to your paper return.

Be certain to submit copies of certification forms or emails generated from the EZ Tax Credit online system with your tax return. Read FYI publications General 6 and Income 10, 11, 22, 23, 24, 31 and 36 to learn specific information about the enterprise zone program and the limitations imposed upon the credits. Additional information is available at

Use each Section A to report unused enterprise zone credit(s) from a previous year or to list an applicable carryback. List only the carryforward or carryback amount, not the full credit amount generated for that year. If more than 5 years of carryforward/carryback credits are being utilized, attach a supplemental spreadsheet. Complete the year 20YY and the dollar amount of the carryforward/carryback.

Enterprise Zone Credits



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