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Kansas Credits

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Kansas Credits


E-Filing Tax Credit Schedules

LINE 14 – Other credits: Some tax credits have expired or have been repealed for use by individual income tax filers. Following is a list of credits that are still available. Enter the total of all tax credits for which you are eligible. In claiming credits, you must complete and enclose the applicable schedule(s) with your Form K-40. 

  • Adoption K-47
  • Agritourism Liability Insurance (for carry forward use only) K-33
  • Alternative Fuel (for carry forward use only) K-62
  • Angel Investor K-30 Business and Job Development (for carry forward use only) K-34
  • Community Service Contribution K-60
  • Declared Disaster Capital Investment (for carry forward use only) K-87
  • Disabled Access K-37
  • Electric Cogeneration Facility (for carry forward use only) K-83
  • Film Production (for carry forward use only) K-86
  • High Performance Incentive Program K-59
  • Historic Preservation K-35
  • Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship K-31
  • Owners Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) K-88
  • Plugging Abandoned Gas or Oil Well (for carry forward use only) K-39
  • Research and Development (for carry forward use only) K-53
  • Rural Opportunity Zone K-89 Storage and Blending Equipment (for carry forward use only) K-82
  • Venture and Local Seed Capital (for carry forward use only) K-55

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