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Colorado Works Program Credit

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Colorado Works Program Credit


Colorado employers can claim a credit of 20% of their annual expenditures made to provide eligible services for their employees who receive public assistance pursuant to the “Colorado Works Program.” The credit may not be claimed for more than two years with respect to each individual employee. [§39-22-521(1), C.R.S.]

“Eligible services” means services that are incidental to the employer’s business and are included in the following categories:

● Child Care Services. The provision of child care services or the payment of the costs associated with child care services for children of employees receiving public assistance.

● Health/Dental Services. The provision of health or dental insurance for employees receiving public assistance. The health or dental insurance coverage, if less than the coverage provided through Medicaid, will be supplemented by Medicaid to provide full Medicaid benefits to the employee.

● Job Training. The provision of job training or basic education for employee receiving public assistance.

● Transportation. T

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