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New Jersey UI/HC/WD; DI Credit

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New Jersey UI/HC/WD; DI Credit


You may take credit for excess unemployment insurance (UI)/workforce development partnership fund (WF)/supplemental workforce fund contributions (SWF) and/or disability insurance contributions (DI) withheld by two or more employers.

For 2014, the maximum employee UI/ WF/SWF contribution was $133.88, the maximum employee DI contribution was $119.70, and the maximum employee FLI contribution was $31.50. If you had two or more employers and you contributed more than the maximum amount(s), you must enclose a completed Form NJ-2450 with your return to claim the credit.

If any single employer withheld more than the maximum for either UI/WF/SWF ($133.88), DI ($119.70), or FLI ($31.50) contributions, enter only the maximum amount for that category on Form NJ‑2450. You must contact the employer who withheld contributions in excess of the legal maximum for a refund

All information on Form NJ-2450 must be substantiated by W-2 statements or the claim will be denied. The amounts of UI/ WF/SWF contributions, DI contributions, and FLI contributions withheld must be reported separately on all W‑2 statements. The employer’s New Jersey taxpayer identification number or approved private plan number must also be shown. See sample W-2 on page 19.

Be careful when completing Form NJ‑2450 and check that your W‑2 verifies the information you provide. If all New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development requirements are not met, your income tax credit must be denied. You must then refile your claim with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development using their Form UC-9A, “Employee’s Claim for Refund of Excess Contributions.” Once your income tax credit for excess UI/WF/SWF contributions, DI contributions, and/or FLI contributions has been denied, it can only be claimed through the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.


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