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New Jersey Contributions and Other Designate

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New Jersey Contributions and Other Designated Contribution

New Jersey Endangered Wildlife Fund

Help keep NJ wildlife in our future! Over 70 endangered and threatened species struggle for survival in NJ, the most densely populated state in the nation and each day brings them closer to extinction. Your donation goes directly to conservation, research, restoration, and education real dollars that help the Endangered & Nongame Species Program protect imperiled animals such as the bald eagle, bobcat, and bog turtle, plus over 400 other nongame species in NJ. Your contribution will also provide critical matching funds for federal grants, so this year please Check Off for Wildlife.  Thank you!

For more information about New Jersey endangered and threatened wildlife, please visit New Jersey Fish and Wildlifeor join the mailing list for Explorations, the electronic newsletter of our partner organization, the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ. Contact

New Jersey Childrens Trust Fund Person Who Cares Can Prevent Child Abuse

Your donation will make a difference for New Jersey’s children! CTF funds are used to prevent child abuse and neglect by implementing programs and practices with a proven track record of promoting child well-being and strengthening families to ensure that children grow up healthy, happy, and safe. We rely on your support! CTF funds come entirely from voluntary contributions.

You can help children in New Jersey have a safe and healthy childhood. For more information and/or a copy of the Children Trust Fund booklet of current programs please contact: NJ Children Trust Fund, PO Box 717, Trenton, NJ 08625-0717, Phone: 609-633-3992, Web:

New Jersey Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund

To Remember, To Heal, To HonorYour support honors 1,562 New Jerseyans whose names are engraved on the Memorial and helps us teach future generations about this unique time in our nation's history at the Vietnam Era Educational Center. For more information, write: New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial, PO Box 648, Holmdel, NJ 07733 or call: 732-335-0033. Visit us on the Web at

New Jersey Breast Cancer Research Fund

YOUR STATE TAX REFUND TODAY HELPS OUR DAUGHTERS TOMORROWJoin the fight against breast cancer and help New Jersey based researchers find a cure now so our daughters won't have to fight this disease in the future. 100% of your donation supports research relating to the prevention, screening, treatment, and cure of breast cancer. For further information, visit: The New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (

New Jersey U.S.S. New Jersey Educational Museum Fund

Mission: Support the Battleship New JerseyHelp the continued restoration and preservation of our nation's most decorated battleship ù the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial along the Camden Waterfront. Your contribution goes directly to restoring this historic vessel and expanding her educational programs for all residents of our state to enjoy and learn. For more information, visit or call 1-866-877-6262. Tours available daily or spend a night aboard the Battleship.

New Jersey - Other Designated Contribution

01- Drug Abuse Education Fund

THE EPIDEMIC OF DRUG ABUSE NEEDS YOUR HELP! Your contribution helps New Jersey children receive valuable education from highly trained uniformed law enforcement officers and teachers throughout the State in providing drug abuse education programs. Research has shown that the more resistance education children receive, the more likely they will be drug free. The monies raised will help maintain the K-12 programming as well as parenting and educational programs. For more information contact D.A.R.E. New Jersey at 292 Prospect Plains Rd., Cranbury, NJ 08512 or call 1-800 DARENJ1. Web address:

02 - Korean Veterans’ Memorial Fund

“To Honor, To Educate, To Recognize, To Commemorate”

Your support to the Korean War Memorial in Atlantic City honors all the New Jerseyans who served and especially the more than 889 soldiers who died during the Forgotten War. We need to inform future generations of the past so that no one ever forgets these men and women. Your contribution will be used to maintain this place of honor.

For more information, write: Korean War Memorial, c/o Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs, PO Box 340, Eggert Crossing Road, Trenton, NJ 08625-0340. Phone: 609-530-7049.

03 - Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Education Fund

Today in New Jersey there are 5,000 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Nationally, 18 people die each day while waiting for a transplant. By saying yes to organ and tissue donation each time you apply for or renew your NJ driver’s license or by registering to be a donor online, you have the power to save lives. Help us raise awareness of the drastic need for organ and tissue donors. Begin today by checking off Line 64 to help fund organ and tissue donor education awareness in New Jersey. For more information and to register, visit

04 - NJ-AIDS Services Fund

New Jersey currently ranks fifth in the country in total cases of HIV infection with an estimated 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS. Your donation will be used for prevention, education, treatment and research.

05 - Literacy Volunteers of America – New Jersey Fund

“Literacy is the key to personal freedom.”

Since 1979, Literacy New Jersey has supported literacy programs throughout NJ. Programs train and match volunteers with adults who are learning to read, write or speak English. Over 5,000 adults are served yearly. Your donation will help adults learn the literacy skills needed as parents, workers, and citizens. For more information call Literacy New Jersey at 1-800-848-0048 or visit our website at

 06- New Jersey Prostate Cancer Research Fund

Donate for Dad. Over the past several years, New Jersey has had the dubious distinction of consistently ranking in the top ten states in the nation for prostate cancer incidence and mortality. So join our fight against prostate cancer and help New Jersey cancer researchers find a cure. 100% of your donation supports approved prostate cancer research relating to the prevention, screening, treatment, and cure of prostate cancer. For further information, visit: The New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (c).

07 - World Trade Center Scholarship Fund

Contributions to The New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship will aid the dependent children and surviving spouses of New Jersey residents who were killed in the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, or who died as a result of injuries received in the attacks, or died as a result of illness caused by exposure to the attack sites. This scholarship is intended to defray a portion of higher education expenses incurred by eligible full-time college students.

08 - New Jersey Veterans Haven Support Fund

New Jersey has an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 homeless veterans within its borders. The military teaches us to retrieve our wounded and bring them home. Our Veteran’s Haven programs, North and South, aim to meet this challenge on the streets, in the shelters, and at the front line of human existence where our brothers and sisters find themselves in their greatest time of need. We have 200 beds where we house veterans for up to 2 years and ensure they are provided with the services that will assist them in returning to their communities as productive members.

09 - Community Food Pantry Fund

New Jersey’s food pantries assist individuals in need by providing them with nutritious foods they may not be able to afford. The Community Food Pantry Fund was established to allow each taxpayer the opportunity to help by indicating on their New Jersey income tax return that a portion of their tax refund or an enclosed contribution shall be deposited in this special fund for the purchase and/or distribution of food in conjunction with the terms of the State Food Purchase Program for those in need. For more information, go to

10 - Cat and Dog Spay/Neuter Fund

Help Save the Lives of NJ Dogs and Cats!! Every year too many dogs and cats are euthanized in NJ animal shelters. Spaying and neutering pets is the most humane and efficient strategy to prevent unwanted births and reduce euthanasia. The Animal Population Control Program provides spay/neuter services at a reduced rate ($10 or $20) for pets owned by NJ residents on public assistance or adopted from NJ animal shelters/rescue groups. Your contribution will help to save animals’ lives. For more information, go to

11 - New Jersey Lung Cancer Research Fund

Lung Cancer is the #1 cause of cancer mortality among men and women in New Jersey and the United States. Annually, almost 6,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in New Jersey accompanied by about 4,300 deaths due to the disease. 100% of your donation supports research grants relating to the prevention, screening, treatment, and eventual cure of this disease. All donations will be used and administered by the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR). For additional information call 1-609-292-4043 or visit

12 - Boys and Girls Clubs in New Jersey Fund

Studies show that for every $1 spent by the Boys & Girls Clubs, $15 of positive economic activity is generated by increased graduation rates and reductions in juvenile crime and pregnancy. Every day tens of thousands of youth end their school day by participating in local Boys & Girls Clubs’ youth development programs. Our kids engage in programming that will provide them with the support and tools to help them succeed. Invest in the future of NJ by making a donation this year.

13 - NJ National Guard State Family Readiness Council Fund

New Jersey National Guard members and their families are facing financial hardships as a result of being deployed overseas. These “Hometown Heroes” need our help. The National Guard State Family Readiness Council assesses the needs of these soldiers, airmen, and their families and finds solutions on a state level. Our grant program provides funds to Guard members and their families in need. For more information visit

14 - American Red Cross – NJ Fund

Whether it is a hurricane or a heart attack, a call for blood or a call for help, the American Red Cross is there. We empower ordinary people to perform extraordinary acts in emergency situations. We train. We mobilize. We connect donors and volunteers to those in urgent need of a helping hand. Please check off Line 64 and fund Red Cross services in New Jersey. Join Us! Visit to learn more.

15 - Girl Scouts Councils in New Jersey Fund

Your contribution will ensure that every girl in New Jersey has the opportunity to grow and learn with Girl Scouts. Through Girl Scouts, 93,295 girls in NJ build courage, confidence, and character and make the world a better place. Help us recruit, train, and assist the 44,580 volunteers who serve our girls and help support the program resources and facilities that give girls a safe, nurturing place to grow and explore their interests. For more information about the premier leadership experience for girls, visit .

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