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Indiana Military Service Deduction

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Indiana Military Service Deduction

The income on line 1 of Form IT-40 may include active or reserve military pay. If it does, you will be able to take a deduction (regardless of your age).
Also, if you are retired from the military or are the surviving spouse of a person who was in the military, you may be able to take this deduction. You will be eligible if:
- You were at least 60 years of age by Dec. 31;                                                                  
- You received military retirement or survivor's benefits during the tax year, and
- The benefits received as retirement income were reported on your federal return.
Your deduction will be the actual amount of military income received (i.e. military pay, retirement pay and/or survivor's benefits) or $5,000, whichever is less. If both you and your spouse received military income, you may each claim the deduction for a maximum of $10,000.
Important: If you served in the Indiana National Guard or the reserve component of the armed forces, see the National Guard and reserve component members deduction on page 20.
Note: Military income earned while in a combat zone is not taxable on your federal or state income tax returns. Since Indiana is not taxing this income, your combat zone income is not eligible for a deduction.
Important: You must enclose your military W-2 form, retirement pay statement and/or survivor's benefit statement with the tax return if you are claiming this deduction.
Note: If you received a combination of military pay, retirement pay and/or survivor's benefits during the tax year, the total deduction cannot be greater than $5,000 per qualifying person.
For example, if you earned $6,000 in military pay and $1,500 in retirement pay, you can deduct only $5,000 of your military income.

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