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Oregon Contributions

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Oregon Contributions


Charitable check-off donations

You can donate any of your refund to the charities listed on lines 56–65. You can also donate to two other charities on Form 40, line 66 and 67. Or, you can mail your donations to the addresses listed on our website. Do not mail your donation to the Department of Revenue. Donations will reduce your refund.

If you choose to donate to one or two of the charities listed below, enter the charity code on Form 40, in box 66a or 67a. Enter only one code in each box. Write the amount you want to donate next to the code on Form 40, line 66b or 67b.

• Oregon Non-Game Wildlife [code 19].

• Prevent Child Abuse [code 20].

• Alzheimer’s Disease Research [code 21].

• Stop Domestic and Sexual Violence [code 22].

• Habitat for Humanity [code 1].

• Oregon Head Start Association [code 2].

• Planned Parenthood of Oregon [code 13].

• Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation [code 14].

• Shriners Hospitals for Children—Portland [code 15].

• Special Olympics for Oregon [code 16].

• Susan G. Komen for the Cure [code 17].

• Oregon Military Financial Emergency Assistance [code 24].

• Oregon Historical Society [code 18].

• Oregon Food Bank [code 25].

• Albertina Kerr Kid’s Crisis Care [code 26].

American Red Cross [code 27].

• Cascade AIDS Project [code 28].

• Veterans Suicide Prevention and Outreach Program [code 23].


Political party contribution. You may contribute $3 of your refund to an Oregon political party. To make a contribution, enter one code from the list below in box 68a. If filing a joint return, your spouse/ RDP can contribute by entering one political party code in box 68b. Enter only one code per taxpayer.

• Constitution Party of Oregon [code 500].

• Democratic Party of Oregon [code 501].

• Independent Party of Oregon [code 502].

• Libertarian Party of Oregon [code 503].

• Oregon Republican Party [code 504].

• Pacific Green Party of Oregon [code 505].

• Progressive Party [code 506].

• Working Families Party of Oregon [code 507].

Donating to a political party reduces your refund. If you or your spouse/RDP want to donate, enter $3 on line 68. If you and your spouse/RDP want to donate, enter $6 on line 68. Note: This contribution does not qualify for the political contribution credit.


Oregon 529 College Savings Plan. You can deposit all or a portion of your refund into an Oregon 529 College Savings Plan account. To make this choice, there must be an open account and deposits must be a minimum of $25 per account. For more information, see page 26.


Net refund. You must reduce your refund by any amounts applied to 2014 estimated tax (line 55), donations on lines 56–68, and deposits made into Oregon 529 College Savings Plan accounts. By law, we cannot issue a refund or make applications if you file your return more than three years after the return’s due date.

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