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Collectible (28% Gain)

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Collectible (28% Gain)


A 28% rate gain or loss is:

  1. Any collectibles gain or loss, or
  2. The part of your gain on qualified small business stock that is equal to the section 1202 exclusion.

If this applies, check the 28% Gain box during your interview.

To determine amount of 28% Gain, fill out the worksheet on Schedule D Instructions Page D-8.

Gain from the sale of collectibles. Report any collectibles (28%) gain (loss) included on lines 8 through 14 on line 9b of Schedule K (and each partner's share in box 9b of Schedule K-1). A collectibles (28%) gain (loss) is any long-term gain or deductible long-term loss from the sale or exchange of a collectible that is a capital asset.


Collectibles include works of art, rugs, antiques, metals (such as gold, silver, and platinum bullion), gems, stamps, coins, alcoholic beverages, and certain other tangible property.

Report any 28% gain or loss from a sale or exchange of a collectible on Form 8949, Part II (with the appropriate box checked). See the Instructions for Form 8949.


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