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North Carolina Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund

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North Carolina Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund


Help keep North Carolina wild by contributing any portion of your refund to the N.C. Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund. Your tax deductible contributions are essential to monitoring and managing our wildlife populations, including turtles, flying squirrels, frogs, mussels, salamanders, and hundreds of bird species from terns and pelicans to woodpeckers and warblers. Conserving these species and their habitats is important to our state, our economy, and our quality of life. If wildlife conservation is important to you, please give what you can and help conserve North Carolina’s wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

If you wish to contribute to the Fund, enter the amount of your contribution on Line 31. Your election to contribute to the Fund cannot be changed after you file your return. If you are not due a refund, you may still contribute to this Fund by donating online or mailing your donation directly to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, 1702 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-1702. Checks should be made payable to the Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Fund. For more information about the Fund or to donate online, check out

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