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Self-Select PIN Program

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Self-Select PIN Program


Self-Select PIN Requirements

After the 2009 tax year, the Self-Select PIN will be the only IRS e-file signature method available to taxpayers filing online. The Form 8453-OL U.S. Individual Income Tax Declaration for an IRS Online e-file Return and Form 8453-OL(SP) U.S. Individual Income Tax Declaration for an IRS Online e-file Return (Spanish Version) will be eliminated as signature documents for individual taxpayers that use tax preparation software. This policy change is designed to promote a paperless and secure method of signing individual returns electronically.

The electronic signature method allows taxpayers to use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to sign their individual income tax return. The taxpayer selects five numbers (except all zeros) to enter as their electronic PIN signature.

The taxpayer has the option to choose between two ôshared secretsö for authentication. The Self-Select PIN signature method requires taxpayers to provide their prior year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or the prior year PIN used to electronically sign their previous tax return. If a taxpayer enters both the prior year AGI and prior year PIN for authentication, they both must match the IRS file.  So if you are unsure of one of these 2 pieces of information, please only include the one you are positive of to avoid rejection by the IRS. 

If the return rejects with error information code IND-031, this means one of these 2 items is not correct for the Primary taxpayer. 

If you receive error code IND-032, this means that the information provided for the spouse on the return is incorrect. 

To match the IRS record, you provide the PIN you electronically signed with in the previous year OR leave it blank and provide the AGI (adjusted Gross Income) from your previous year efiled tax return.  *If you enter one of those pieces of identifying information incorrectly, your return will be sent back for non matching information and you will have to remove or correct the return to file.

If you do not have access to a copy of the return you filed last year and cannot recall the PIN you selected , please call the IRS at 800-829-1040 and follow the prompts for this information.  They will assign you an electronic PIN to use as an alternative to this information once they confirm your identity.  You will now leave the prior year PIN and AGI boxes blank and enter the electronic filing Pin assigned to you on this page.  You can use the same PIN to sign with for the current year or one of your choice as long as you will recall it next year.

To correct your return:

Log in and go to the Self-Select Pin page which is located under the MISCELLANEOUS tab.  If you scroll over that tab you can select the last page in the drop down or you can just click on the tab and then page thru to find.  Correct your provided information and save and continue thru to the end or use the FILE MY RETURN tab to resend the return.  You will not be charged again. 

  • Taxpayers under age 16 who have never filed cannot efile their first return.


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