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New York Other Subtractions

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New York Other Subtractions


Please viisit the NY IT 225 instructions for more information on income adjustments. These are the NY subtractions:

A-115 Special accruals

A-117 Incomplete gift non-grantor trust

A-201 Personal income taxes and unincorporated business taxes Line 64 deducted in determining federal AGI

A-202 Percentaxge depletion

A-203 Safe harbor leases (IRC section 168(f)(8))

A-204 Safe harbor leases

A-205 Accelerated cost recovery system (ACRS) deduction

A-206 ACRS property; year of disposition adjustment

A-207 Farmers’ school tax credit

A-208 Sport utility vehicle expense deduction

A-209 IRC section 168(k) property depreciation

A-210 Special depreciation

A-211 Royalty and interest payments made to a related member or members

A-212 Environmentaxl remediation insurance premiums

A-213 Domestic production activities deduction

A-214 Metropolitaxn commuter transportaxtion mobility tax (MCTMT)

A-215 NOL deduction limitaxtion

A-216 Manufacturer’s real property tax

A-217 StaxRT-UP NY ecise tax on telecommunication services

A-301 S corporation shareholders; reduction for taxes

A-302 S corporation shareholders; pass-through loss or deduction items

A-303 S corporation shareholders

A-304 S corporation shareholders; disposition of stock or indebtedness with increased basis

EA-901 Beneficiary’s share of fiduciary adjustment

S-101 StaxRT-UP NY wages

S-102 Build America Bond (BAB) Interest

S-103 New York’s 529 college savings program deduction Line 30

S-104 New York’s 529 college savings program distributions Line 30

S-105 Long-term residential care deduction

S-106 Pension and annuity income eclusion Line 29 Line 28

S-107 Pensions of New York state and local governments and Line 26 Line 25 federal government

S-108 taxable refunds, credits, or offsets of state and local Line 25 Line 24 income taxes

S-109 Accelerated death benefits received that were includable in federal AGI

S-110 Contributions for Eecutive Mansion, natural and historical resources, not deducted elsewhere

S-111 Distributions made to a victim of Nazi persecution

S-112 Items of income related to assets stolen from or otherwise lost to a victim of Nazi persecution

S-113 Professional service corporation shareholders 

S-114 Gain to be subtracted from the sale of a new business investment reported on your federal income tax return

S-115 Qualified emerging technology investments (QETI)  

S-116 Sales or dispositions of assets acquired before 1960 with greater state than federal bases

S-117 Income earned before 1960 and previously reported to New York state

S-118 Militaxry combat pay 

S-119 Militaxry pay

S-120 New York Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)

S-121 Certaxin investment income from U.S. government agencies  

S-122 Certaxin railroad retirement income and railroad unemployment insurance benefits

S-123 Certaxin investment income exempted by other New York state laws

S-124 Disability income eclusion

S-125 Interest income on U.S. government bonds Line 28 Line 27  Line 67

S-126 New York state organized militia income 

S-127 Loss from the sale or disposition of property that would have been realized if a federal estate tax return had been required

S-128 Native American income eclusion

S-129 Special accruals 

S-130 Volunteer firefighter or ambulance worker length of service award

S-131 Incomplete gift non-grantor trust  

S-132 Living organ donors

S-201 Small business modification  

S-202 Trade or business interest expense on loans used to buy federally tax-exempt obligations that are taxable to New York state

S-203 Trade or business expenses (other than interest expense) connected with federally tax-exempt income that is taxable to New York state

S-204 Amortizable bond premiums on bonds that are owned by a trade or business and the interest on which is federally tax-exempt income but taxable to New York state

S-205 Wage and salary expenses allowed as federal credits but not as federal expenses

S-206 Cost depletion  

S-207 Special depreciation expenditures  

S-208 Safe harbor leases  

S-209 Safe harbor leases  

S-210 New York depreciation allowed  

S-211 ACRS (year of disposition adjustment)  

S-212 Sport utility vehicle expense deduction recapture  

S-213 IRC section 168(k) property depreciation  

S-214 IRC section 168(k) property (year of disposition adjustment)  

S-215 Refund of QEZE credit for real property taxes  

S-216 New York state Innovation Hot Spot Program  

S-301 S corporation shareholders 

S-302 S corporation shareholders - pass-through income 

ES-901 Beneficiary’s share of fiduciary adjustment  



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