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Arizona Deposits and Employer Contributions into MSA's

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Arizona Deposits and Employer Contributions into MSA's


Deposits Made Into Your MSA

If you have a medical savings account (MSA), you may be able to subtract deposits made into that MSA. Make an entry here if all of the following apply.

  1. You have an MSA that qualifies as an MSA under Arizona law, but not federal law.
  2. Either you or your employer made deposits into that MSA during the tax year.
  3. You had to include the deposits in income on your federal income tax return.

Enter the amount of the MSA deposits that you had to include in your federal adjusted gross income.

Employer Contributions Made to Employee MSAs 

If you are an employer, you may subtract the amount contributed to your employees' MSAs that are established under Arizona law. You can subtract these contributions only to the extent not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Enter these contributions here.

For information on Arizona's MSA provisions, see the

department's brochure, Pub 542, Medical Savings Accounts.



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