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Form 8859 DC First-Time Homebuyer Credit

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Form 8859 DC First-Time Homebuyer Credit


This credit was not renewed after expiration on Dec 31,2011.


  • You purchased a main home during the tax year in the District of Columbia and
  • You (and your spouse if married) did not own any other main home in the District of Columbia during the 1-year period ending on the date of purchase.
If you constructed your main home, you are treated as having purchased it on the date you first occupied it.
Your main home is the one you live in most of the time. It can be a house, houseboat, housetrailer, cooperative apartment, condominium, etc.
However, you cannot claim the credit if any of the following apply:
  • You acquired your home from certain related persons or by gift or inheritance. For details, see section 1400C(e)(2).
  • Your modified adjusted gross income (see the instructions for line 2) is $90,000 or more ($130,000 or more if married filing jointly).
  • You previously claimed this credit for a different home.
Amount of the Credit
Generally, the credit is the smaller of:
  • The purchase price of the home.
  • $5,000 ($2,500 if married filing separately) or The credit is phased out over a range that:
    • Begins when your modified adjusted gross income exceeds $70,000 ($110,000 if married filing jointly) and
    • Ends at $90,000 ($130,000 if married filing jointly).

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