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New Jersey Medical Expenses

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New Jersey Medical Expenses


You may deduct certain medical expenses that you paid during the year for yourself, your spouse/civil union partner or domestic partner, and your dependents. However, you cannot deduct expenses for which you were reimbursed. Only expenses in excess of 2% of your income may be deducted. You may also deduct qualified Archer MSA contributions and certain health insurance costs if you are self-employed. Use Worksheet E on page 28 to calculate your deduction. Allowable Medical Expenses. Medical
expenses means nonreimbursed payments for costs such as:

  • Œ Physicians, dental, and other medical fees
  •  Prescription eyeglasses and contactlenses
  • Œ Hospital care
  • ŒŒ Nursing care
  • ŒŒ Medicines and drugs
  • ŒŒ Prosthetic devices
  • ŒŒ X‑rays and other diagnostic services conducted by or directed by a physician or dentist
  • ŒŒ Amounts paid for transportation primarily for and essential to medical care
  • ŒŒ Insurance (including amounts paid as premiums under Part B of Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, relating
    to supplementary medical insurance for the aged) covering medical care

As a general rule, medical expenses allowed for Federal income tax purposes will be allowed for New Jersey income tax purposes.

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