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New Jersey Other Income

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New Jersey Other Income


Amounts Received as Prizes and Awards. A prize won in a raffle, drawing, television or radio quiz show, contest, or any other event is taxable and must be included on Line 25. Any prizes or awards received in goods or services must be included as income at fair market value.

Income in Respect of a Decedent. If you had the right to receive income that the deceased person would have received had he or she lived, and the income was not included on the decedent’s final return, you must report the income on your own return when you receive it. The income is reported on Line 25, “Other” income. Enclose a schedule of the items of income reported together and included on Line 25.

Income From Estates and Trusts. Beneficiaries receiving income from an estate or trust must include on Line 25 the Total Distribution reported on Schedule NJK‑1, Form NJ-1041. If a Schedule NJK‑1 was not received, include on Line 25 the net of the items listed on the Federal K-1 received. Interest, dividends, capital gains, business or partnership income, etc. as listed on the Federal K‑1(s) must be adjusted to reflect New Jersey tax law and then netted together before inclusion on Line 25, “Other” income. Be sure to include income which is not subject to Federal income tax but is subject to New Jersey income tax, such as interest from and losses on the disposition of obligations of states and their political subdivisions, other than New Jersey and its political subdivisions, and exclude income and losses not subject to New Jersey tax, such as gains on New Jersey tax-exempt securities. For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2004, New Jersey income tax law has uncoupled from certain changes in Federal depreciation and expense deduction limits. The Gross Income Tax Depreciation Adjustment Worksheet GIT-DEP instructions explain the New Jersey adjustments required to determine income reportable in the various net income categories. For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2004, New Jersey income tax law has uncoupled from some provisions of
the IRC Section 199 deduction. The New Jersey allowable IRC section 199 deduction must be calculated on Form 501-GIT, Domestic Production Activities Deduction. Enclose a copy of the NJK-1(s) or Federal K‑1(s). If the income from a grantor trust is reportable by or taxable to the grantor for Federal income tax purposes, it is also taxable to the grantor for New Jersey income tax purposes. The grantor must report the interest, dividends, capital gains,
business income, partnership income, net pro rata share of S corporation income, etc. in the categories of income as required for New Jersey purposes and not as income from Estates and Trusts. Enclose a copy of the New Jersey or Federal Grantor Trust Attachment. For more information see Tax Topic Bulletin
GIT-12, Estates and Trusts.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Scholarships and fellowship grants are taxable and must be included on Line 25 unless they satisfy all of the following conditions:

1. The primary purpose of the grant is to further the recipient’s education or training; and
2. The grant neither represents payments for past, present, or future services nor payments for services which are subject to the direction or supervision
of the grantor (e.g., a fellowship given in exchange for teaching); and
3. The grant is not for the benefit of the grantor.

Residential Rental Value or Allowance Paid by Employer. Enter on Line 25 either the rental value of a residence furnished by an employer or the  ental allowance paid by an employer to provide a home. The rental value of the residence furnished is excludable and should not be reported provided that:
1. The lodging is provided on the business premises of the employer; and 2. The lodging is furnished for the convenience of the employer; and
3. The employee is required to accept such lodging as a condition of employment.

Other. Enter on Line 25 the amount of any taxable income for which a place has not been provided elsewhere on the return. Income from sources both legal and illegal is subject to tax.

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