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New Jersey Gubernatorial Elections Fund

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New Jersey Gubernatorial Elections Fund


The Gubernatorial Elections Fund, financed by taxpayer designated $1 contributions, provides partial public financing
to qualified candidates for the office of Governor of New Jersey. With its contribution and expenditure limits, the Gubernatorial Public Financing Program has since 1977 assisted 70 candidates to conduct their campaigns free from the improper influence of excessive campaign contributions. Operation of the program has also permitted candidates of limited financial means to run for election to the State’s highest office. As a condition of their receipt of public financing,
candidates must agree to participate in two debates which provide the public with an opportunity to hear the views of
each candidate. For more information on the Gubernatorial Public Financing Program, contact the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission at 1-888-313-ELEC (toll-free within New Jersey) or 609-292-8700 or write to:

NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission
PO Box 185
Trenton NJ 08625-0185

Lists of contributors to gubernatorial candidates and copies of reports filed by gubernatorial candidates may be viewed
on the Election Law Enforcement Commission website at: Participation in the $1 income tax checkoff
protects the continuity and integrity of the Gubernatorial Elections Fund by providing that funds will be reserved for
future gubernatorial elections thereby deterring the use of needed funding for other purposes. If you want to designate
$1 to go to help candidates for governor pay campaign expenses, fill in the “Yes” oval in the Gubernatorial Elections  Fund section of the return. If you are filing a joint return, your spouse/civil union partner may also designate $1 to this fund. Filling in the “Yes” oval will not in any way increase your tax liability or reduce
your refund.

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