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Massachusetts Low-Income Housing Credit

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Massachusetts Low-Income Housing Credit


A low-income housing credit is available to individual taxpayers. The Department of Housing and Community Development will allocate the lowincome
housing credit from a pool of available cred its granted under section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code among qualified low-income housing projects. A taxpayer allocated a federal lowincome housing credit may also be eligible for a state credit based on the credit amount allocated to a low-income housing project that the taxpayer owns. A five-year carryforward of unused credit is allowed. See TIR 99-19 for more information. If you qualify for the credit, enter the amount in line 5. Note: You must enter the building identification number on Schedule Z. Failure to do so will result in this credit being disallowed on your tax return and an adjust ment of your reported tax. Enter the number from left to right.

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