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North Carolina Credit for Tax paid to another state

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North Carolina Credit for Tax paid to another state


When income is taxed by North Carolina for a period during which you were a legal resident of North Carolina and the same income is also taxed by another state or country because it was earned in or derived from sources within that state or country, a tax credit may be claimed, but not on the basis of a withholding statement alone. Attach a copy of the return filed with the other state or country and a copy of the check or receipt if a balance of tax was paid with the return.

Complete the North Carolina return and include all income both within and outside the State. Compute the tax as though no credit is to be claimed. Complete Part 1 of Form D-400TC to determine the allowable tax credit. The amount entered on Line 1, Part 1 of Form D–400TC is total income from all sources received while a resident of North Carolina, adjusted by the applicable additions and/or deductions to federal adjusted gross income that relate to gross income that you listed on Form D–400, Page 3. The amount of net tax paid on Line 6 is any prepayment of tax (tax withheld, estimated tax payments, amount paid with extension, etc.) plus any additional tax paid or less any refunds received or expected to be received. Attach a copy of the tax return filed with the other state and proof of the payment.

Include on Line 2, Part 1 of Form D–400TC your share of any S Corporation income that is attributable to and taxed by another state, whether or not the other state taxed the income at the individual or corporate level. Include on Line 6, Part 1, Form D–400TC the net tax you paid another state on your share of S Corporation income or your pro rata share of the net corporate tax paid by the S Corporation to another state that taxes the corporation rather than the shareholder. Attach a schedule to your return showing the total amount of tax paid to the other state by the S Corporation, and how your pro rata share of the tax was determined.

If you claim credit for tax paid to more than one state or country, use the Out-of-State Tax Credit Worksheet to determine the tax credit allowable for each state or country. Determine the total credits for all states by adding the amount on Line 7 of each worksheet and enter the total on Form D-400TC, Line 7a. Be sure to use separate worksheets to determine the separate credits for each state or country.

Nonresidents are not entitled to this tax credit.

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