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What are the policies around making changes to a student agreement?

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What are the policies around making changes to a student agreement?


Student Agreements may be altered for a limited number of reasons that are generally beyond the control of the institution. These include changes that are required by accreditation bodies, mandated by state higher education authority; and state licensure or certification requirements. Usually these types of modifications should only affect courses not yet taken by the student. Documentation of these changes may be required upon request from SOC and the military education center. They do not invalidate the Student Agreement nor reset the time to degree completion. Each service member holding an official Student Agreement for the affected degree should receive: • proper advisement regarding the relative merits of the changes; • clear and timely official communication (preferably written or electronic) from the institution in advance of the proposed program change regarding the anticipated impact of the changes on enrolled students (including applicable periods of grandfathering, potential employment impact on state licensing or state certification within the career industry, etc.); • advisement regarding student options to remain in their current degree plan or pursue the new degree plan, any potential course substitutions, additional courses, etc. and the relative merits of each option; and • documentation of degree plan changes for submission to military education staff, if the student voluntarily agrees to a degree plan including updated requirements. • students with questions should contact the home college regarding the degree or SOC if there are specific questions about the Student Agreement.

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