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What are the Student Agreements Requirements?

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What are the Student Agreements Requirements?


A student’s home college is required to issue a Student Agreement. It is an official evaluation of a student’s prior education and experience as it applies to his or her degree program. The Student Agreement should be issued by the time the student has completed six semester hours, or two courses, at the home college. SOC recommends that colleges establish a systematic process for early identification of degree-seeking military students to ensure that they receive Student Agreements as appropriate. It is not necessary for a college to issue a Student Agreement to a student taking courses to apply to another school’s degree program. Student Agreements for two-year programs (DNS-2) may be issued only by institutions who are members of the DNS-2, and Student Agreements for four-year programs (DNS-4) may only be issued by DNS-4 members. Member institutions are also encouraged to issue Open Network Student Agreements for servicemembers pursuing degree programs not included in the DNS.

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