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What are the DNS policies around following ACE recommendations?

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What are the DNS policies around following ACE recommendations?


The minimum transfer of 45 percent of the credits needed to complete the bachelor’s degree assumes that credits awarded for Military Service schools, military experience, and standardized tests were within the limits recommended by ACE in the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services (ACE Military Guide). If a transferring student presents credits awarded on the basis of a test score below the ACE recommendation or below the receiving institution’s established test score for credit award, the receiving institution may add the same number of credits to the remaining bachelor’s degree requirements. If the student presents credits that exceed the ACE recommendations, the receiving college may adjust the credits accepted toward the bachelor’s degree in accordance with its own policies. Further information on articulation agreements may be obtained by contacting the school’s registrar’s office. Students who enroll in an associate degree program as their initial but not final educational goal may wish to explore articulation agreement opportunities in order to maximize credit transfer opportunities to a four-year program. The list of DNS associate degree programs will articulate to the list of DNS bachelor’s degree programs in related Networks.                          

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