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What are articulation agreements?

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What are articulation agreements?


Articulation Agreements serve as a credit-granting map between two or more colleges or universities and their degree programs. The best example of how an articulation agreement works is when a student enrolls in an associate degree program to pursue a specific degree. The school offering the associate degree may have entered into an agreement with another school offering a bachelor’s degree in a similar field of study. By completing an associate degree that is part of an articulation agreement, the student is generally assured that all, or most, of the credits completed for the associate degree will be accepted into the bachelor’s degree program of the “receiving” school. All credits from an associate degree from one college may not be completely accepted by another college in transfer toward a bachelor’s degree. Courses are generally accepted in transfer only after a course-by-course evaluation by the accepting college. All member institutions in the SOC Degree Network System-4, however, have agreed to accept an associate degree completed in a related SOC Degree Network System-2 network as a minimum of 45 percent of the credits needed for a related bachelor’s degree, with certain stated limitations. The designated 2-year Networks to which this guarantee applies, and the corresponding 4- year Networks are:            

SOC DNS2 Networks                          SOC DNS4 Network

Business Administration                      Business Administration

Computer Studies                               Computer Studies

Criminal Justice                                   Criminal Justice

Management                                       General Business

Psychology                                          Health Services Management

                                                            Human Resources Management






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