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How do I sign into my SOC account?

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How do I sign into my SOC account?


SOC Points of Contact (POCs) are now able to create an account using their SOC registered email address. 


To create an account, on the SOC homepage, select the “Sign In” link in the upper right-hand corner.  Select the “Register as a New User?” link.  SOC POCs will need to enter their email address registered with SOC.


Initially, only SOC POCs with a registered email address will be allowed to create a SOC account.  If the email address is not registered, an automated message will advise that only POCs with a registered email address are eligible to create an account.  If you are a POC and work with other team members to manage SOC program data, this account will serve as your institution’s account for managing this data.


From the password protected view, SOC POCs and those that work with POCs to manage SOC credentials will be able to update POC account information, change the account password, and process Student Agreement data. Information icons have been added to selected fields with additional information and examples.

In the future we will add the ability for SOC POCs to designate additional users and roles at their institutions.




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