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tcexec error installing Teamcenter client

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When installing Teamcenter client you get an error stating "The tcexec task is referencing a TC_DATA which does not exist"




  1. On the server, open %TC_DATA%\tc_profilevars.bat
  3. Save the file


REM out code in Process_Textserver.xml

  1. On the client, browse to: C:\Program Files\Siemens\Teamcenter10\install\install\modules
  2. Open the file process_textserver.xml in a text editor like Notepad ++
  3. Make the following change (as shown in the picture below)
    1. Add <!-- (As shown on line 16)
    2. Add --> (As shown on line 22)
    3. Save the file. 


Delete the following files


  1. On the server, open Services and stop the Teamcenter Server Manager service
  2. On the server, open Windows explorer and in the address bar type: %temp% and hit enter
  3. Delete the folder(s) that start with V10000.1.xxxxxxxx
  4. Restart the Teamcenter Server Manager service


Restart the client install

  1. On the client launch TEM from the Start Menu > All Programs > Teamcenter 10 > TEM will launch in recovery mode to complete the install process

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