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How to borrow and return an NX license

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How do you borrow a NX license to a computer?


How to Borrow an NX License

  • Make sure you are on the network the license server is on
  • Logged in as the user who will be using the borrowed license, select start- all programs- Siemens NX- NX licensing tool and select licensing tool


  • Once you have the licensing tool up, select borrowing settings

  • After you select borrow, you will pick a bundle and select a return date, hit ok and apply

  • Once you borrow the correct bundle and select a return date, launch NX (Note you need to be on network still)
  • Once NX launches, unplug from the network, close NX, and relaunch NX
  • As long as NX launches off network, the license has borrowed properly

To Return A Borrowed License:

  • Plug the computer that borrowed the license back into the network where the license server exists
  • Launch the NX licensing tool and select borrowing settings
  • Put a check mark in the box next to the bundle you borrowed
  • Hit return and the license will disappear from the borrow settings screen

  • Once returned, you will see a message on how to borrow the license, you are all set, license is returned

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