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How to install license server for NX

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How to install license server for NX?


You need to install the service on a server or a pc that should be used as a license server on the network.

NX is using FlexLM software to configure the license server. You find the license server install media in your NX install media. This way you are sure that you are using the correct license server version.


1. Download NX install media and start the "SPLMLicenseServer_v7.2.exe"  for NX 6 and later.
2. The software will automatically upgrade and detect older versions of NX license service.
3. You will be prompted to browse to the license file. Follow the procedure How to get a new license/emergency license to get the latest license file and save it to a relevant directory on the license server, then browse to this file.
4. The license server should start automatically and NX can now be started from the client if the client points to the license server using the environmental variable UGS_LICENSE_SERVER=28000@<license_server_name>.

5. Launch the NX licensing tool by going to start-all programs- Siemens NX- licensing tools-licensing tool. Click licensing tool and select the appropriate bundle and move to the right and select apply. You will now be able to pull the license.

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