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Instructor Administration - Grades

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Instructor Administration - Grades


In MyPower, one of the choices available is Administration Block which contains a series of functions. The Grades option provides the ability to set up all aspects of the grades. Click on this to access the grade book for the course.

The grade book is made up of a series and columns. The column on the left side of the page contains the list of students in the course. The row at the top of the grade book indicated the various grade items that are contained in the course.

Adding a New Grade Item

Grade items can be added to the grade book in one of two ways: 1) by adding an “activity” to the course outline (such as a quiz, or assignment), a grade item is automatically added to grade book; or 2) manually adding a grade item.

To manually add a grade item, click on the dropdown menu labeled Choose an action… in the grade book and then choose Categories and items.

The next page will display all of the grade items in the grade book, with the ability to edit the specifics of the grade.

Next to each grade item are four or five different icons. From left to right, they are: 1) edit, 2) delete, 3) reorder, 4) hide, 5) lock.

To add a new item to this list, click on the Add Grade Item button on the bottom of the page.

Enter in the Grade item name as it will appear in the grade book on the new page that appears.

Choose the grade type from the dropdown menu.

If you choose Scale in the option field before, then you can specify what type of scale to use, for example, a Letter Grade Scale.

If the grade type is on Value, then enter in the maximum and minimum grade values.

You can then choose to hide and / or lock the grade right from here, too, by checking these boxes.

When finished, click on Save Changes to be taken back to the Categories and Items page.

Adjusting the Aggregate Grade Type of the Grade Book

The Aggregate Grade Type refers to how the course total is calculated within the grade book.

At the top of the list of grade items, there will be a folder with the name of the course attached to it. This indicates that all grades under this folder correspond to it, or, are contained within it.

To edit the functionality of this folder, such as the aggregate grade type of all grades contained within in, click on the Pencil Icon to edit its contents.

A new page will appear, to where you can change the name of the category if you wish to rename it.

The next field is the Aggregation field. Choose the type of aggregation you would like to use in your grade book.

Decide if you would like the aggregate grade to include empty cells in the grade book, and then also to include subcategories if they are present in the grade book.

If you want to exclude or drop a number of the lowest grades and exclude them from the aggregate grade, you can do so in this field by indicating which number of lowest grades to drop.

Finally, under the My report preferences, you can decide how you would like to view the grade book and these grades contained within the category. There are three options: 1) Full view, which is the default view and combines both the aggregates and grades, 2) Aggregates only, and 3) Grades only.

How to Add a Grade to a Grade Item from the Default Grade Book View

To add a grade in the grade book, begin by clicking the Turn Editing On… button on the grade book default view.

By doing this, all cells in the grade book will be changed into editable cells.

Each cell will contain a pencil icon, a lock icon, and then a field to where you can enter in a grade.

By clicking on the open field block, you can enter in the grade for the appropriate column and row.

If you wish to lock the grade, click on the lock icon

Advanced Editing of Grade Items

Click on the name of the grade item at the top of the page to go into a more advanced grade editing mode. Note: not applicable to creating a simple “grade item”.

A new page will appear where you can see a more in depth view of this grade. There will be a list of students on the left side of the page, and then along the top, several columns, which include: Grade, Comment, Last modified (by the student), Last modified (by the teacher), and then the status of the grade.

If a student still needs a grade for this specific grade item, then a Grade link will appear under the Status column.

Clicking on the Grade link will bring up a new window

At the top of the window, click on the Grade field to choose a grade from the drop down menu.

In the field under the Grade dropdown menu, enter in any feedback you may wish to do.

From here, you can choose to send a notification email to the student, and then choose to save the changes to the grade, cancel the grade, save the grade and move to the next students, or just move to the next students.

To add an attachment to the grade for students to access, click on the Choose file button under the Response files section. Note: attachments can ONLY be added to grades associated with Advanced Uploading of Files. All other grade items and types do not allow for files to be attached during the grading process.

Once the file has been chosen, click on the Upload this file button to complete the upload.

Once uploaded, the document will be available for students to access.

Once the image has been uploaded, it is automatically saved to the individuals’ grade.

Additional Advanced Editing of a Grade Item

To do additional advanced editing of the grade for a specific user, click on the Pencil Icon

A new page will appear, with fields to edit the specifics of the grade item.

Enter in the Final Grade in the field (or choose it from the drop down menu if applicable)

To exclude the grade from any type of aggregate grade, check the Excluded box.

To hide the grade from the participant, check the Hidden box.

If the grade item is hidden, you can choose when to keep it hidden until by entering in the correct date.

To lock the grade from further changes and automatic updates, click on the Lock button.

If the grade item is locked, you can choose when to lock it by entering in the correct date.

Instructors can enter in feedback for the grade that the student will see when they view their grade in their grade book. Enter in the feedback in Feedback field.

When finished, click on Save Changes button on the bottom of the page to save all the settings.

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