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Linking to a Website/File

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Linking to a Website/File


1. Click on the course you would like to enter by clicking on its title under “Available Courses

2. Click the “Turn editing on…” button in the top right corner of the page.

3. Click on the “Add a resource…” button which should now be visible under the weekly outline. Make sure to select the “Add a resource…” button in the appropriate topic / week outline box.

4. Select “Link to a file or website” after clicking on “Add a resource…” from the

5. You will be taken to a new window. Enter in the name, or title, as you would like it to appear in the course outline. You may also supply a short summary of the file the students will be receiving.

6. Under “Location

• Insert the URL of the website you would like to link to.

• Or, click “Choose or upload a file…” to link to a file that you uploaded.

7. After clicking “Choose or upload a file…”, you will be taken to the Course Main-Files Folder. To choose the file you would like to link to, click “Open” for the corresponding file. To upload a new file into the “Main-Files folder”, please see: Uploading of Files into the Course Main Files Folder.

8. After clicking “Open”, you will see the name of the file in the “Location” field.

9. If you are linking to a file, you have the option to force download it to the students computer. To do this, check the “Force Download” box.

10. Choose if you would like the file/website to download in the same Window as it was opened or in a new window.

11. To keep the file/website available to all participants in the course, please skip over the “Common Module Settings” block. Keep all settings on default. “Grouping” should remain on “None”. If you would like to assign the file/website to a specific group only, please reference the GROUP ASSIGNMENT Document.

12. Click “Save and Return to Course” when finished.

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