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Editing a Profile

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Editing a Profile


1. Click on your “Name” in the bottm middle of the front page of MyPower.

2. Your profile will appear with several different tabs for action items and reports

3. Click on the “Edit profile” tab to change the contents of your profile.

4. To see the list of all fields that you can adjust, click on the “Show Advanced” button on the right side of the page.

5. Below is a list of fields that you may edit in your profile

6. To add a picture to your profile, click the “Browse…” button to browse your computer for a picture to upload. You may also enter in a “Picture description

7. Enter in any interests you may want to include in your profile

8. Click on “Show Advanced” to see additional contact information you may want to include in your profile.

9. Click “Update profile” when finished.

10. To change your password, click the “Change Password” button in the middle of your profile page.

11. Enter in your current password, then your new password, and then your new password again. Click “Save Changes” when finished.

12. To check for any messages you may have received inside of the AMVONET system, click on “Messages” in the middle of your profile page.

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