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Paper Jam Error 250.15 - MP Feeder Door (CX1200)

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Paper Jam Error 250.15 MP Feeder Door (CX1200)


Paper Jam Error 250.15 MP Feeder Door (CX1200)

A. This error indicates a paper jam at the MP Feeder Door.  Please clean the following parts on the door with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth.  (See picture below)

  1. Feed Roller
  2. Friction Buckler (rubber strip under feed roller)
  3. Green Paper Guide (Right/Front Side)
  4. Metal Paper Guide (Left/Back Side)
  5. Under the paper sensor bracket.  Use an alcohol wipe or alcohol saturated paper.

You will want to make sure that all parts on the door are clear of any debris and adhesive.

B. If after cleaning you still receive a paper jam error, try helping the leading edge of the paper into the printer by pushing it into the feed area as soon as you see the roller begin to turn.  Sometimes the roller loses its grip over the time and is no longer capable of pushing the paper to get it started into the printer.  The roller is only necessary to start the paper movement so if the printer grabs the paper the internal rollers will take over the process of feeding the paper through the printer. 

C. If you have cleaned all parts on the MP Feeder Door and you are still getting a paper jam error, you will need to send the MPFeeder Door to Primera for repair.  Please contact support.

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