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How do I set up a Stream Job in Primo DVD?

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How do I set up a Stream Job in Primo DVD?



How do I set up a Stream Job in Primo DVD?

What: Steam job allows you to quickly copy multiple master discs. Simply stack the originals and the blank discs in the proper order in the input bin of your duplicator. There is no need to choose the number of copies or the location of the master disc. In the Stream job mode the software loads your master disc into the drive of the duplicator. Assuming the first disc is a valid master the software reads the master and copies it to your hard drive. The master is stored in the Primo Global Image format (*.gi) in a temporary location on your computer. Primo uses this temporary file to make as many copies as there are blanks found after the master until it encounters another master disc or no additional discs to pick.

Recommended for: All CD or DVD types (Audio CD, Data CD, Software Install Disc, Video CD, DVD, DVD-ROM, etc.) This procedure is useful for automated back ups of multiple originals.

How to:

Step 1 - Load input bins with the amount of blanks you want to record below each original. Repeat until all originals and blanks are loaded. For example, if you have 5 different original discs and you wish to make 2 copies each of the five discs, load two blanks followed by the original, then two more blanks followed by the next original and so forth. (The first disc that is picked should be your first master disc followed by the number of blanks you wish to make of the original.)

Step 2 - Once you have the discs properly loaded, Select File - New Job - Stream Job. A Stream Job setup panel will be created in the job setup panel.

Step 3 - Select the recorder(s) that will record this job by double clicking the drive in the drive status window. Make sure you see the red arrow pointing toward the left.

Step 4 - Select the recording speed.

Step 5 - Click on the red Record button.

Note: Printing is not an option when using Stream Job mode. There is no way to associate print files to copies of specific masters.

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