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Delaware Payment Options

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Delaware Payment Options



  • Direct (ACH) debit
    • Payment is made electronically from a checking or savings account.
    • You must provide your bank's routing number and your account number.
    • Funds must come from a U.S. account.
    • You can specify a later payment date, up to the due date.
    • No limit to payment amount.
  • Credit card
    • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.
    • Debit cards with a credit card brand are also accepted.
    • The card billing address must be in the U.S.
    • Payments up to $2500 are accepted through the due date.
    • No limit to late payment amount.
  • Check
    • To pay by check, follow the instructions on your bill.
    • If you have not received a bill, please call our Public Service office at 302-577-8200.
    • No limit to payment amount.


Penalties and Interest
1. Interest - Underpayment or late payment
The Delaware Code provides that interest on any underpayment or late payment of income taxes due shall accrue at the rate of ╜% per month, from the date prescribed for payments to the date paid.

2. Penalty - Late-filing of balance due return
The law imposes substantial penalties for failure to file a timely return. Late-filed returns with a balance due are subject to a penalty of 5% per month of the balance due.

3. Penalty - Negligence/fraud/substantial understatement
The law also provides severe penalties for a false or fraudulent return, or for a false certification. The mere fact that the figures you report on your Delaware return are taken from your Federal return will not relieve you from the imposition of penalties for negligence or for filing a false or fraudulent return.

4. Penalty - Failure to pay
The law provides a penalty of 1% per month (not to exceed 25%) of the net tax liabilities for failure to pay the tax liability due on a timely filed or late-filed return. This penalty is in addition to the interest charged for late payment.

5. Penalty - Failure to File/Pay Estimated Taxes
The law provides a penalty of 1% per month of the computed tax payment for failure to file/pay estimated taxes due. This penalty is in addition to those penalties and interest listed above. The penalty is also assessed if the estimated payment is filed late.

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