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How do I file an extension for Arizona?

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How do I file an extension for Arizona?


You may request an automatic 6-month extension if you know you will not be able to file on time. If you request an extension to file your 2021 calendar year tax return, your due date is October 15, 2022. Because October 15, 2022 falls on a Saturday, you have until Monday, October 17, 2022 to timely file your 2021 tax return


To get a filing extension, you can either:

1. Apply for a state extension (Form 204). To apply for a state extension, file Arizona Form 204 by April 18, 2022. See Form 204 for details. If you must make a payment, use Arizona Form 204. You do not have to include a copy of the extension with your return when you file, but make sure that you check box 82F on page 1 of the return. If you must make a payment, use Arizona Form 204, or visit www.AZTaxes.gov to make an electronic payment.

2. You may use your federal extension (federal Form 4868). File your Arizona return by the same due date. If you are filing under a federal extension, you do not have to attach a copy of your federal extension to your return, but make sure you check the box 82F indicating you filed a federal extension.

Extension Underpayment Penalty

If you file your return under an extension, you must pay 90% (.90) of the tax shown on your return by the return's original due date. If you do not pay this amount, we will charge you a penalty. This penalty is ½ of 1% (.005) of the tax not paid for each 30 day period or fraction of a 30 day period. We charge this penalty from the original due date of the return until the date you pay the tax. This penalty cannot exceed 25% (.25) of the unpaid tax. If we charge you the extension underpayment penalty, we will not charge you the late payment penalty under Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 42-1125(D).


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