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Arizona Pension Deduction

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Arizona Pension Deduction


Exclusion for U.S. Government, Arizona State or Local Government Pensions

If you receive pension income from any of the sources listed below, subtract the amount you received or $2,500, whichever is less. Include only the amount you reported as income on your federal return. If both you and your spouse receive such pension income, each spouse may subtract the amount received or $2,500, whichever is less.

Public Pensions From The Following Sources Qualify For This Subtraction.

  • The United States Government Service Retirement and Disability Fund
  • The United States Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System
  • Retired or Retainer Pay of the Uniformed Services of the United States
  • Any other retirement system or plan established by federal law

NOTE: This applies only to those retirement plans authorized and enacted into the U.S. Code. This does not apply to a retirement plan that is only regulated by federal law (i.e., plans which must meet certain federal criteria to be qualified plans).

  • The Arizona State Retirement System
  • The Arizona State Retirement Plan
  • The Corrections Officer Retirement Plan
  • The Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
  • The Elected Officials' Retirement Plan
  • A retirement plan established for employees of a county, city, or town in Arizona
  • An optional retirement program established by the Arizona Board of Regents under Arizona Revised Statutes
  • An optional retirement program established by an Arizona community college district.

NOTE: Public retirement pensions from states other than Arizona do not qualify for this subtraction.


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