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Oklahoma Payment Options

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Oklahoma Payment Options


• If you owe taxes, provide a check or money order payable to “Oklahoma Tax Commission”. Do not send cash.

• For information regarding electronic payment methods, visit our website at

• Provide W-2s, 1099s or other withholding statements to substantiate withholding.

• For amended returns, if you marked “yes” on Schedule 511-I, provide a copy of the federal 1040X or 1045, and a copy of the IRS “Statement of Adjustment” or other IRS documentation to verify approval of the federal amendment. • Do not staple your return. Use a paper clip if necessary.

• Math errors are the most common cause of a refund delay. Double check your calculations.

• After filing, if you have any questions regarding your refund, contact us at (405) 521-3160.

• Do not provide any correspondence other than those documents and schedules required for your return.

• Mail your return, along with any payment due, to: Oklahoma Tax Commission - Income Tax P.O. Box 26800 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0800


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