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Contributions to Indiana Nongame and Wildlife Fund

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Contributions to Indiana Nongame and Wildlife Fund


Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund 200

The Indiana Wildlife Diversity Program offers you the opportunity to play an active role in conserving Indiana’s nongame and endangered wildlife. This program is funded through public donations to the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund.

The money you donate goes directly to the protection and management of more than 750 wildlife species in Indiana - from songbirds and salamanders to state-endangered Trumpeter swans and spotted turtles.

Enter both the name of the fund and the amount you wish to donate under line 1, and enter 200 as the designated 3-digit code number. Also, see the Limitation in the next column.

If you do not have an overpayment, but want to support the Wildlife Diversity Section, do not change your tax return. You may make a contribution online at

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