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Oregon Additions

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Oregon Additions


Generally, additions are items the federal government doesn’t tax but Oregon does. Additions increase your income taxed by Oregon.

Accumulation distribution from certain domestic trusts (ORS 316.737) [Addition code 132]

Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Account nonqualified withdrawal [ORS 316.680(2)(k)] [Addition code 164]

Capital loss carryover difference [Addition code 162]

Child Care Fund contributions (ORS 315.213) [Addition code 142] [Modification code 642]

Claim of right income repayments (ORS 315.068) [Addition code 103] [Modification code 649]

College Opportunity Grant contributions (Or Laws 2018, ch 108, § 2) [Addition code 165] [Modification code 652]

Depletion in excess of property basis [ORS 316.680(2)(d)] [Addition code 151]

Discharge of indebtedness from reacquisition of debt instrument (ORS 316.739)-For tax years 2009 and 2010 Oregon was not tied to the deferral and required an addition on your Oregon return. As of 2011, Oregon is tied to this federal law and no addition is required.

Disposition of inherited Oregon farmland or forestland (ORS 316.844) [Addition code 106]

Disqualified charitable donations (ORS 128.760, 128.763) [Addition code 160] [Modification code 650]

Federal business income deduction (Or Laws 2018, ch 108, § 10)-Oregon is disconnected from the federal deduction for qualified business income in new IRC Section 199A. This deduction doesn’t flow through to the Oregon return. No addition is required.

See “Qualified business income reduced tax rate” in “Other items” for information about Oregon’s reduced tax rate for sole proprietorships and passthrough entities.

Federal election on interest and dividends of a minor child (ORS 316.372) [Addition code 107]

Federal estate tax [ORS 316.680(2)(c)] [Addition code 157] [Modification code 605]

Federal income tax refunds (ORS 316.685) [Addition code 109] [Modification code 601]

Federal subsidies for employer prescription drug plans (ORS 316.837) [Addition code 123]

Gambling losses claimed as an itemized deduction (ORS 461.560) [Addition code 134] [Modification code 604]

Income taxes paid to another state by an individual (ORS 316.082) [Addition code 148]

Income taxes paid to another state by a pass-through entity (ORS 316.082) [Addition code 148]

Individual development account (IDA) (ORS 315.271, 316.848) [Addition code 137, 138, or 159] [Modification code 648]

Interest and dividends on government bonds of other states [ORS 316.680 (2)(b)] [Addition code 158]

Lump-sum distributions (ORS 316.737) [Addition code 139]

Nonresident capital losses and loss carryforwards (OAR 150-316-0006) [Addition code 161]

Oregon 529 college savings plan nonqualified withdrawal [ORS 316.680(2)(j)] [Addition code 117]

Oregon Production Investment Fund (auction) (ORS 315.514) [Addition code 144] [Modification code 644]

Renewable Energy Development contributions (auction) (ORS 315.326) [Addition code 145] [Modification code 645]

University Venture Development Fund contributions (ORS 315.521) [Addition code 146] [Modification code 646]

Unused business credits [ORS 316.680(2)(f)] [Addition code 122]

WFHDC medical expenses [Addition code 163] [Modification code 651]


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